Our products are suitable for you to wear all day, so when you wear your own  smart device( smart watch, fitness tracker or other products), please try to follow the brief instructions as below:


Clean your wrist and the fitnesstracker/smart watch/body temperature patch you are wearing regularly, especially after exercise, sweating, or skin contact with soap or detergent, this substance may get on the inside of the product. Clean up regularly.

Do not use household cleaners to clean the bracelet/body temperature patch. Use soap-free cleaners, then rinse them off and dry them with a soft towel.

For spots or stains that are not easy to remove, please scrub with a moist soft toothbrush, and then follow the steps above.


Although smart devices such as fitness tracker/watches/body temperature patches are waterproof in daily life, wearing a wet wristband for a long time is harmful to the skin.

If your fitness tracker/body temperature patch gets wet, such as after sweating or splashing with water, please clean it and dry it, and then wear it again.

Make sure your skin is dry, and then wear a fitness tracker /watch/body temperature patch.


Make sure the fitness tracker/watch/body temperature stick is not too tight.

Don’t wear the wristband too tightly, it should be able to move back and forth on the wrist.

When wearing the body temperature patch, only the sensor head needs to be close to the skin.

If you use a heart rate bracelet to record your heart rate throughout the day, the bracelet should be placed flat one finger wide above the wrist bone. In order to better view the data during more active exercises, the fitness tracker should be worn about 2-3 above the wrist bone on like finger-width position; if you use a body temperature patch to check your baby’s body temperature, you should place the body temperature patch fixed with an adhesive tape or band near the baby’s armpit.

Prolonged friction and restraint may irritate your skin, so after wearing it for a long time, take off the fitness tracker/ body temperature patch and give your skin a rest period.