//Wearable device when we can truly universal? Still

Wearable device when we can truly universal? Still

Wearable device when we can truly universal? Still

If you often concerned about the trend of science and technology, the digital realm, you will find “wearable device,” the chances of the term appears almost as many smartphones. Sports wristband, smart watches, smart glasses and even smart clothes, are all areas of wearable, it seems to be the next darling of the consumer sector.

But the actual situation? Many ordinary people may not understand what is “wearable device”, not many consumers really buying. In addition to numerous industry analysts predict, forward, trying to prove the value of the wearable device outside, we did not see the real product or marketing breakthrough. So, wearable device when, or whether there will be universal day?

Market, how much?

Wearable device when we can truly universal? Still waiting for an opportunity

Early 2014, the four major accounting firms Deloitte (Deloitte) released survey data, claiming to the end of 2014, will be 10 million units sold in the wearable device. In September, the market research firm Juniper this figure will increase to 27 million units, while the 2017, total sales will reach more than one hundred million objective.

Not just research institutions, including the science and technology of digital media, integrated media, social life, almost all of the wearable device as a “next smartphone,” and even the fashion industry is just around the corner. But obviously, you look around the small partner, the number of people wearing the smart watch it?

Massive hype means high expectations

Gartner analyst might say something fair: from hype, the exposure period chart perspective, the wearable device is currently in the stage of high expectations. In fact various user survey data actually very misty, for example, you ask passers-by if you want to have a “can monitor blood pressure, watch”, the answer is almost always yes, like “Do you want a flying car,” the same nothingness misty. If this product is really in the market, consumers apparently are not so straightforward when as user surveys, but will carefully consider the design, functionality, usability and price.

Samsung Smart Watch transform a typical example, although already has as many as six models in the sale, but most of the Samsung mobile phone users have not followed up. The various brands of Android Wear watches, smart jewelry is also in the same situation, is still small toys technology enthusiasts. The only phase is rather sell all kinds of fitness wristband, although many users simply map a fresh.

On the other hand, the high expectations mean high investment, after all, tends to be lower in the smartphone market saturated, vendors need to find new profit point. That is, wearable device will not suddenly disappear one day, but continues to heat up.

When the wearable device can era?

Although the current form of products, sales are not ideal, but does not mean no future wearable device. In fact, smart phones and other digital products have been popular, both through long-term development and sustained speculation, finally, after technology platform began to spread gradually improved.
Apple’s Apple Watch is perhaps a turning point wearable device development. Perhaps it is better to iPhone so scared to Heaven, but at least Apple’s reputation enough so that ordinary people are beginning to understand the “smart watch” of the term. Clearly, the need to go through a wearable device “indifferent” stage, just keep constantly updated products, new technologies continue to be adopted and continued fermentation in the market, I believe that when it became popular around the corner.

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