//Children GPS Smart watch principles of SWOT analy

Children GPS Smart watch principles of SWOT analy

in the past two years ,Smart wrist industry development is more and more strong,among, the most notable is kid’s gps watch.

The market demand of its geometric growth, far more than the smart brcelect, adult smart watches and other similar products.

This is a huge market prospects are very optimistic, mouth-watering!

Children GPS Smart watch principles of SWOT analysis ,in the face of fierce market environment,and children’s GPS smart watch manufacturers face how to survival and development status

1.Advantage.Many brand manufacturers have independent factories, have a certain strength of research and development, production, product updates, product quality, supply delivery, after-sales service guaranteed. In addition, for children’s GPS smart watch manufacturer from shenzhen, can rely on regional resources such as capital, technology, talent, market advantages, improve their competitive advantage bettery

2.Disadvantage ,Compared with the old brand, a lot of new brands are faced with the common disadvantage: brand awareness is not high, lacks competitive advantage product, customer resources, less sales channel narrow. There is another important problem, it is difficult to attract or keep talents, as research and development personnel, sales, market extension and so on.

3.Chance.Child abduction, lost phenomenon, indirectly stimulate the children GPS watch market , promote market demand is increasing. Many parents mostly hope that through which has the function of children GPS watch to prevent the loss of children, ensure the safety of the child’s healthy growth. This is a market selling point, stimulate the pain points of consumers deeply. Optimistically, in the future children GPS watch market will become more popular, the market space is enormous. For producers, early entrants, early gains.

4.Threat. The domestic with so much children watch brand , competition is intense, and even some manufacturers malicious competition. The property rights can not get effective protection , including patent appearance, a new practical design patents, etc., Often popular in the market, popular products, the most easy to other factory copy, cause the market price confusion, reduces the product market survival time.

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